Impact Management for Real Estate

Environmental issues are here, and we need to address them to not only keep operating costs down but to protect and preserve our environment. By no means am I a “Tree Hugger”, but the earth is warming, and severe weather impacts our lives and properties. Managers need to address environmental issues as much as collecting back rents. Per Energy Star, 30% of commercial building energy consumption is wasted. Buildings are responsible for more than 40% […]

Going Green!

RE 1 Advisor is going green.  We are a BIG believer in Blue Zones! First, we have adopted “eco-friendly” business practices into our place of work.  Second, we are on the look out to invest in businesses and projects that protect our world’s resources.  Finally, we want to help our businesses and partners save money, so that they can focus on making their buildings more energy efficient. Please pass it on!