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RE 1 Advisor’s asset managers have overseen in excess of $750 million in R.E. assets in the U.S. Our asset managers have the ability to implement, negotiate and monitor any asset programs.  Our asset managers work to increase revenue and asset values through identified efficiencies and savings.  Our managers will prepare reports and perform analysis for research to proactively identify potential loan delinquencies and revenue losses. We can also review and update current policies.

The Principals of RE 1 Advisor and Landqwest Commercial have partnered to create Landqwest Asset Recovery. In addition, we are working with Entoro Capital to work with the court systems for asset recovery and receiverships.  Landqwest Asset Recovery has offices throughout Florida and Entoro is based in Texas.

Our team members are fully immersed in the restructuring world, and we have access to teams of professionals on every type of matter in all regions of the U.S. on a regular basis. Our advisors have 30 years of knowledge in Bankruptcy & Restructuring and is built on the foundation of sophisticated financial analysis, reliable expert reports and strong in-court experience.

RE 1 brings professional guidance to the table in Real Estate transactions. We offer advice to help the clients achieve their goals.

Location Advice: The consultant scouts locations and identifies properties that satisfy their clients’ criteria.

Market Information: Real estate consultants provide information on local market conditions and property values and offer projections regarding future growth.

Competitive Analysis: Report writing may not be part of the typical real estate advisor job description, but it’s a crucial skill for consultants who work with investors. Report topics may include property comparisons, information sales price and revenue trends and investment advice.

Tenant Mix: Finding the right tenants to increase the income and value of your company.

Property Opinion of Values: The broker provides a professional opinion of value based on the three methods of valuation.

Property Operation: The broker can make recommendations to improve cost and efficiency.

Marketing Advice: Real estate consultants provide recommendations, strategies, and upgrades that bring value to the client’s assets.

Contract Support: Although consultants aren’t attorneys, they can offer support in the negotiations of contracts and professional referrals.

Commercial: We find the hidden gems. We broker Real Estate for the needs of our clients.

Aviation:  RE 1 Advisor, LLC has a department dedicated to the aviation industry. Hangers and hanger development is an area of real estate that we understand.  We have access to FBOs and as well as owners of planes that need hanger space.

Residential: Across the country we find the right Realtor to assist in buying or disposing of residential assets. Finding the right person can mean the difference in quicker transactions and better use of dollars at the closing table.

The RE 1 Advisor team utilizes the latest tax laws to bring our clients greater cost savings. Cost segregation is a useful tool to assist our clients in reducing taxable income.

RE 1 Advisor’s international Real Estate Associate, Vessi Guglielmo, assist European Family Offices with U.S. Real Estate Holdings.

Our team and partners are leading players in their markets and have an international outlook, which reflects the increasingly global nature of business.

The consistent monitoring of property values allows the RE 1 team to advise and assist in lowering property taxes when possible.

RE 1 Advisor’s, Chip Olson, has worked in many roles as an expert witness regarding real estate legal battles. He has extensive experience in Marinas and complicated projects that require multiple skill levels.

Is your management running your property or is it running you?

Management reviews are the hallmark of our business. RE 1 has experienced experts that have 30+ years of experience in real estate operations, reviews, and receiverships. This service is intended to help owners understand how properties should be run and give a review of management practices.

Reviews of:

  • Management Practices
  • Contracts
  • Property Insurance Coverage
  • Accounting Practices
  • Cash Flow Review
  • Expense Reviews
  • Budget Practices
  • Reserve Studies

RE 1 Advisor’s principal and affiliates have many years in experience with serving on Community Development Districts (CDD) along with experience in CDD management.

We can also review management for Community Development Districts.

Chip Olson and Randy Beres created Full Circle Maintenance of SWFL back in 2018. Randy Beres is the operations manager and has been in the maintenance industry for six plus years.  He has also been involved in the construction and Real Estate industry since 2004.  Full Circle Maintenance specializes in repairs and maintenance that will help keep your property running smoothly throughout SWFL.


Full Circle is fully licensed and insured.

RE 1 Advisor is the property manager for multiple types of properties located in Southwest Florida.  Our specialty is correcting the problems of the past.  RE 1 Advisor’s team has an understanding of tenant positioning to improve cash flows and increase the value of the property. We have served as expert witness to review the work of others and consulted with management companies to improve efficiencies for the care of their client’s properties.

Who is managing your property?

Let one of our property managers help you

We bring it all together before precious time slips away! From start to finish we can assist in formulating business and real estate projects. Typically, the savings created by a good project manager will exceed the cost of the management service.


Oversight and Design in Construction

Implementation of Marketing and Advertising

Operations Including Accounting

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