RE 1 Advisor was created in 2015 by Clifford ‘Chip’ Olson.  Chip Olson saw a need for a different kind of real estate consultancy.  So, he combined his education and experience with his 30 years in real estate to establish RE 1 Advisor.  RE 1 Advisor’s real estate professionals bring unique services that are new to the industry and create opportunities for our clients.  It is our mission to help our clients improve their real estate and business investments.  By thinking differently and paying it forward, we not only enrich our clients but the people we interact with too.  The RE 1 team has a strategic goal to listen, provide a plan, and support the needs of clients across the country.  In addition, the professionals at RE 1 Advisor provide guidance through all aspects of buying, managing, and selling real assets.  In 2020, RE 1 Advisor became a second-generation business because of the addition of Megan Olson.  We are located in Naples, Florida.  On a national level, we have teams and affiliates based out of Massachusetts, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Colorado and Montana.  And, on an international level, we have teams in Geneva, Switzerland and Salzburg, Austria. We are constantly expanding to meet the coast-to-coast needs of all our clients all across the USA and Europe.