RE 1 brings professional guidance to the table in Real Estate transactions. We offer advice to help the clients achieve their goals.

Location Advice: The consultant scouts locations and identifies properties that satisfy their clients’ criteria.

Market Information: Real estate consultants provide information on local market conditions and property values and offer projections regarding future growth.

Competitive Analysis: Report writing may not be part of the typical real estate advisor job description, but it’s a crucial skill for consultants who work with investors. Report topics may include property comparisons, information sales price and revenue trends and investment advice.

Tenant Mix: Finding the right tenants to increase the income and value of your company.

Property Opinion of Values: The broker provides a professional opinion of value based on the three methods of valuation.

Property Operation: The broker can make recommendations to improve cost and efficiency.

Marketing Advice: Real estate consultants provide recommendations, strategies, and upgrades that bring value to the client’s assets.

Contract Support: Although consultants aren’t attorneys, they can offer support in the negotiations of contracts and professional referrals.